Unit 1. Personality Part One- Preparation  1. 1) Gentle 5) Calm 7) Critical Ambitious 13) Truthful 17) Bossy 19) Talkative Mr. And Miss So and So 2) Dedicated 6)Aggressive 3) Considerate 4) Adventurous 8) Energetic 9) Selfish 11) Self-confident 12) Easygoing 14) Outgoing 18)Patient 20) Persuasive 15) Frank 10) 16) Sensitive 21) Sympathetic 22) Emotional 2. Personality and Job Salesperson- shrewed, hard-working, boastful, acute, tricky Teacher- patient, tolerant, talkative, unselfish, loving, humorous, bossy Doctor- patient, calm, independent, careful, sympathetic Police officer- brave, alert, independent, strong, calm Accountant- careful, honest, cautious, patient Lawyer- persuasive, expressive, eloquent, serious, knowledgeable, talkative Tourist guide- enthusiastic, talkative, expressive, energetic, considerate, good-tempered Host or hostess of a show- emotional, expressive, optimistic, quick-minded, exaggerated, humorous Reporter- cautious, extroverted, open-minded, adventurous Secretrary- easygoing, tolerant, sensitive, frank, thorough, efficient Spokeperson- intelligent, talkative, diplomatic, cautious, matter-of-fact

Part Two – Post-reading Reading Comprehension  1) Understanding the Organization of the Text Introduction: (para1) Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people 2) Reasons why shyness can have a negative effect: (para2-3) People’ s self-concept has a profound effect on all areas of their lives. People with high self-esteem unsually act with confidence. People with low self-esteem are likey to be passive and easily influenced by others. 3) i) ii) iii) shame. iv) v) vi) vii) experiences. viii) ix) regularly. Ways of overcoming shyness: (para 4-15) Recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses. Set reasonable goals. Don’t waste time and energy on destructive feelings such as guilt and Don’t be afraid to speak up and give your point of view. Do not make negative comments about yourself. Accept criticism thoughfully. Profit from failures and disappointments by viewing them as learning Do not associate with people who make you feel inadequate. Set aside time to relax, enjoy hobbies, and reevaluate your goals

x) 4) Practice being in social situations. Conclusion: (para16) The better we understand ourselves, the easier it becomes to live up to our full potential. 2. Understanding Specific Information 1) F 2) T 3) T 4) T 5) F 6)T 7)F 8)F 9)T Vocabulary 1. 1) self-couscious (worr and embarrassed about what you look like or what other people think of you.) 2) self-confidence (belief in one’s own ability, power, judgment, etc,; confidence in oneself) 3) self-esteem (the feeling that you are someone who deserves to be liked, respected, or admired) 4) self-destructive (with thoughts or actions that are counter to one’s own best interests) 5) self-worth (the value you give to your life and achievements) 6) self-concept (one’s conception or general idea of one’s own basic character and nature) 7) self-awareness (realistic knowledge and judgment about oneself) 8) self-assurance/self-confidence (the belief that you are able to deal with people and problems easily) 2. 1) B 6) D 2 ) I 7) E 3) L 4) A 5) H

8) N 12) F 3. 1) profound overcome 6) eventually reassurance 11) detrimental 4. 9) J 13) G 14) K 10) M 11) C 2)jealousy 3) numerous 4)overweight 5) 7) slim 8) compliments 9) diminish 10) 12) isolated 13) self-esteem 14) accented 1) reflected 4) viewed/regarded 5) sensitive 8) overcome my fear 9) concentrate on comment 2) concerned/worr 3) profound effect/influence 6) respond/ react 7) eliminated 10) made no Translation 1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising.(spend time on sth/ in doing sth) 2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before. (than ever before) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) When the right opportunity comes along, he’ll take it. Every day he sets aside some time to be with his family and enjoy life. I remember those dark streets and walking hand in hand with my father. He finally failed to live up to his parents’ expectations. In contrast, our use of oil has increased enormously. He succeeded in his efforts to overcome his fatal weakness.

Part Three – Further Development 1. Enriching Your Word Power 1) B 2)B 3)A 4) B 5) D 6) C 7)B 8)C 9)A 10)A 11) C 12) B Part Four- Writing and Translation 2. 1) It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure. 2) Optimism, by contrast, can make you happy, healthy and successful. 3) When you fail in something, profit from the failure as a learning experience. 4) Think about your strengths and build up self-confidence in front of problems or difficulties. 5) Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back. 6)Everyone has experienced failures and disappointments, so don’t blame yourself too much. Unit 2 Myths and Legends Part One – Preparation 4. Matching Pictures 1. Aphrodite 6. Dionysus 7. Poseidon 12. Zeus 2. Ares 3. Hephaestus 4. Artemis 5. Demeter 8. Athena 9. Apollo 10. hermes 11. Hera Part Two – Post-reading 1. Testing Your Memory 1) Because they were invited to a feast in the sky.

2) He saw the birds were busy preparing. 3) He planned to go to the feast/ sky with the birds. 4) They didn’t agree because Tortoise was mischievous/ cunning and ungrateful. 5) With a sweet tongue, he convinced the birds that he was a changed man. 6) He made two wings with all the features he got from each bird. 7) All of You. 8) Nuts, meat and fish soup, punded yam, yam soup, palm wine, etc. 9) For whom have you prepared this feast? 10) Because he knew the answer would be “For all of you”, which was his new name. So he could enjoy all the food first. 11) They were very angry. 12) They took back the feathers they had lent him. 13) He asked him to take a message to his wife. 14) Parrot, because he wanted to take advantage of the chance to get revenge. 15) He asked Parrot to tell his wife to bring out all the soft things in his house and cover the ground with them so that he would be able to land safely. But Parrot told his wife to bring out all the hard and sharp things instead. 16) His shell was broken into hundreds of pieces. Vocabulary 1. 1) A. invitation 2) A. prepare 3) A. discoveries 4) A. approval disapprove B. invited B. prepared C. inviting C. preparation D. preparatory / preparation B. discoverers C. discovered B. approve C. approved D. approvign E.

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